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My name is Gilly, and I am a fifth year Graduate Research Assistant at the University of Colorado Boulder. I work for Dr. Steven Cranmer in the LASP Space Sciences Building, where I study the light from the atmosphere of the Sun and the way that it affects the rest of the solar system. Click here to see my work. Click here to contact me.

I hope to be involved in space missions such as NASA's PUNCH and Parker Solar Probe, ESA's Solar Orbiter, and NSO's DKIST ground based solar telescope. These instruments will all be coming online in the next few years.

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My Work

Curriculum Vitae

  • What have I been up to all these years?

Current Research (Summer 2016 - Present)

  • Studying the Line-of-Sight Effect in Optically-Thin Spectroscopy

NASA Explorations Interview 2018

  • Outreach Video shown at Planetaria across the country!

Kelvin Helmholtz Instability (Fall 2015/Spring 2017)

  • Final Project for two different classes. Click to explore!

DEM Measurements of the Sun (Spring 2016)

  • Using Spectroscopy to Determine Temperatures

Reduction of Voyager UVS Data (Summer 2014)

  • Using spectroscopy to measure Hydrogen Density

Mock Space Mission Proposal (Fall 2014)

  • Looking for lightning on Titan, Saturn's moon

Spark, Spin, and Freeze (2013 - 2015)

  • Physics demonstration show for all ages

Class Skit (Fall 2015)

  • Project done by incoming class of 2015 at CU

Theatrical Resume

  • I have been in theater for over a decade!

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Want to collaborate? The best way to get in touch with me is by email.

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    Space Science,
    3665 Discovery Drive
    Boulder, C0 80303
    United States
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    Chris.Gilly 'at' colorado.edu